Learn about Roman Finishes

The 'Roman' finish is best described as a very heavily textured finish.

We first thought about this finish when we were commissioned by someone who worked on archaeological digs and wanted to put an aspect of their life into the design of their ring.

The surface of the engagement ring is distressed by the goldsmith totally by hand, using hammers or files. The degree to which the ring is distressed and the ramdomness of the finish are all part of the skill of applying this finish. The process is not dissimilar to ancient making methods. If you are considering this finish you can discuss it in detail with your designer so that the overall effect of the finish will be unique to you.

This type of finish is not perfect for every ring design by any means and thought will need to be given to the design of the ring to accommodate it. In fact it would probably be best to start your design with this finish in mind and design the ring to suit the finish.

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