Learn about Satin Finishes

An engagement ring with a satin finish has a soft appearance, which contrasts with the highly polished effect. We find that the satin finish can be combined with a modern design to create an effective contrast.

This finish will wear to the lovely dull shine of the natural metal. The rate at which this will happen varies enormously between people. Some people find that it wears in only a matter or months while others find that it can take a few years - the wearing happens as a result of the engagement ring making contact with other harder objects during everyday life, objects such as steering wheels, dog leads etc. It is hard to predict the level of wear a finish will suffer - see care for your engagement ring for more information.

The good news is that a satin finish is very easy to reapply and we (or any other reputable jeweller) can certainly do this for you.

We tend to think that part of the beauty of an engagement ring is the way in which it wears with your everyday life so our opinion is, don't be too worried by this wear as its part of the way in which your engagement ring will change with you as you go through your life.

Choosing a satin finish is a great choice for your engagement ring although you do need to be prepared to reapply the finish from time to time.

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