Learn about Seal Engraving

Seal engraving is traditionally a way of engraving your family crest or coat of arms on something like a signet ring. The engraving is generally done in reverse so that when pressed into wax an impression is created the correct way around. Historically this was used for sealing letters etc.

There isn't any reason why this idea shouldn't be taken and used for your engagement ring as its a personal way in which you can make your ring individual to you. Here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery we would do this process by hand - a very skilled and time consuming process - by copying a print out or drawing of your crest.

We can of course extend this service for any shape or picture you would like to be engraved onto your ring. There are however limitations in the size and shape of the metal surface to be engraved - a signet style ring works well because of the large flat surface.

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