Learn about Wood Grain Finishes

A wood grain finish is another finish that has been invented by Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. This finish is designed to resemble the rough texture of bark on a tree and is a lovely choice for a rustic, organic design. It is a modern reworking of a very traditional 'bark' finish.

The goldsmith works the surface by hand using a series of files across the shank of the ring to produce a lateral series of lines and raised areas. As this process is entirely done by hand, it is possible for the goldsmith to vary the effect - ie the lines can be closer together or further apart.

Choices as to the exact look of the wood grain finish can be made during your design appointment when your designer will discuss the possibilities with you. Thought needs to be given to the design of your engagement ring if you want to include a wood grain finish because the finish works best when applied to large flat areas of a ring. It wouldn't work, for example, to apply this finish to a very delicate engagement ring shank as the effect wouldn't really be striking enough to produce the desired wood grain look.

The finish is hard wearing as the indentations in the metal are relatively deep, hence they are not likely to wear down very quickly.

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