Channel Settings

Channel setting is a traditional style of setting frequenly used in 'full', 'V' or 'half' eternity ring designs. Generally rectangular cuts of diamonds or gemstones, such as emerald cut or baguette cut, are set deep into a channel that runs along the shank or the shoulders of an engagement ring, however any cut or even mixed cuts can be set in this way.

In the same way that pave set stones produce a block of sparkle, channel set stones do the same thing but in a more exact and geometrical looking way.

Channel set stones are flush set (ie the top of the stones does not protrude beyond the top of the metal around it) which means that if you are considering channel set stones, your design must have enough depth and width of metal around the area that the stones will be set into. During your design appointment, your designer will discuss this with you and together you can come up with a design that suits your style.

Although channel set stones are a traditional way of setting stones, that doesn't mean that we can't find a more contemporary design for your engagement ring that includes this setting method.

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