Claw Settings

The claw setting or clasp setting is perhaps the most traditional and frequently used of settings. Having said that, by varying the shape, number and orientation of the claws, a more contemporary feel can be created to update a traditional look.

The most frequently used number of claws is 4 or 6 claws but 8 is also a possibility and even 3, 5, 7 or more! Basically, the rule is, the more claws the safer the setting.

Here is a list of the most usual types of settings, though do remember that as your engagement ring will be bespoke we can rework what could be considered to be a straight forward setting into something unique for you.

4 Claw Exposed Style

This style is perhaps the most traditional and frequently used. There is no 'gallery' and the diamond or gemstone can sit lower onto the shank as compared with the gallery style.

6 Claw Exposed Style

This is a variation of the more commonly used 4 claw set engagement ring design. There is no 'gallery' and the diamond or gemstone can sit lower onto the shank as compared with the galleried version.

4 Claw 45 Degree Exposed Style

For a little more unusual look, why not twist the setting by 45 degrees? The stone can sit quite low in the setting and this style also has the added advantage of the stone being very visible from the side.

4 Claw Double Gallery Style

For a more prominently featured stone in your design, the double gallery style is an ideal choice. The diamond or gemstone sits in a cradle away from the shank.

6 Claw Double Gallery Style

This is a variation on the 4 claw double gallery set engagement ring style. The addition of 2 extra claws adds more strength to the setting which is a good thing and like the 4 claw setting, the stone sits high relative to the shank. The orientation of the 6 claws can be the other way around.

There are of course many more styles and variations of the claw or clasp setting for your engagement ring - more claws, different sizes and shapes of claw. We can design a  unique engagement ring for you with your own special variation of the claw setting that could be traditional in style or more contemporary - which ever suits you.

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