Invisible Settings

An invisible setting is a great way to set a small accent stone into your engagement ring. Tiny sections of metal are pushed up by the stone setter around the diamond or gemstone to produce an effect of the stone appearing to just sit in the metal.

Perhaps a recognisable feature of our engagement ring designs is our frequent use of small accent stones in the shoulders of the rings. We find this is a great way to add perhaps a subtle splash of colour to an otherwise white diamond solitaire or conversely a great way to add a touch of diamond sparkle to a less flashly coloured central gemstone. The invisible setting technique is a great tool for setting these accent stones.

One point to consider when choosing to invisibly set stones in the shoulders of an engagement ring or the band of an eternity ring is whether there is enough depth of metal to accomodate the stone. This is especially true if you are setting a larger stone in this way and can lead to the ring becoming weighty. When you discuss your unique design with your designer during your consultation, you will be able to find a design that works well for you.

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