Side or End Settings

A side or end set engagement ring is a version of an all around setting where the setting has in effect been cut away to allow the side or end girdle of the stone to be visible.

A side or end setting is a good alternative to a tension setting - and together with what we describe as a tension style setting, can be a great way of keeping the openness of a tension setting with less risks of the stone falling out if knocked. The stone is properly secured at either end yet the side and back of the stone are still visible as in a tension setting.

As with corner set engagement rings, the design of the area between the end settings can be as different as your imagination allows it to be! Cuts can be curved to echo the swooping nature of a design but they could equally be more geometric - square or rectangular if this suits your style better. More elaborate and fancy shapes are possible and you can discuss this with your designer during your consultation.

In summary, this setting is a good balance between the stone's 'visibility' and its 'protection' in the setting.

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