Learn About Platinum

  • What is a Carat?

    What is a Carat?

    A carat is a measurement of weight that applies to gemstones. Carat weight is a contributing factor that affects the price of a gemstone and is typically written as 'ct' after the gram weight of a gemstone.

      12 Nov 2015
  • Platinum vs Palladium

    Platinum vs Palladium

    Despite being awarded a hallmark in 2009, and being used as a precious metal in jewellery for many years prior to that, Palladium is still a relatively unknown metal

      1 Nov 2013
  • Platinum for your Wedding Jewellery

    Platinum for your Wedding Jewellery

    Platinum has certainly taken its place as one of the popular options for engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. This article explains a bit about this precious metal.

      17 Aug 2011