Hour Stone Chart

Hour stones offer the opportunity to add an extremely personal touch to your jewellery, whether you use an hour stone in a piece of jewellery for a christening gift marking the hour the child was born. An hour stone is also a lovely adition to an engagement ring, whether it marks the hour of your birth or another significant time in your relationship.

1AM Quartz
2AM Hematite
3AM Malachite
4AM Lapis lazuli
5AM Turquoise
6AM Tourmaline
7AM  Chrysolite 
8AM  Amethyst 
9AM  Kunzite 
10AM  Sapphire 
11AM  Garnet 
12PM  Diamond 
1PM  Zircon 
2PM  Emerald 
3PM  Emerald or aquamarine 
4PM  Topaz 
5PM  Ruby 
6PM  Opal 
7PM  Sardonyx 
8PM  Chalcedony 
9PM  Jade 
10PM  Jasper 
11PM  Iolite 
12PM  Onyx