Jewellery Articles

  • Eternity Rings History

    Eternity Rings History

    Eternity rings are usually given as a gift from husband to wife on a special occasion. Often the birth of a first child, a memorable anniversary.

    Amy Vinn 12 Oct 2013
  • The Marquise Cut

    The Marquise Cut

    Aimee Fisher 7 Oct 2013
  • The Mohs Scale

    The Mohs Scale

    The Mohs scale is a tool used to identify the hardness of gemstones, invented by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1812

    Louise Newham 21 Sep 2013
  • Aqua Marina - Sea Water

    Aqua Marina - Sea Water

    A little more about aquamarines and their connection with the sea.

    Tim Alban 20 Sep 2013
  • Birthstones Part 3

    Birthstones Part 3

    This is part three in a series of three exploring birthstones- what they are, their meanings, and how they can be used in jewellery.

    Alice Rochester 5 Sep 2013
  • A Brief Look at Moonstones

    A Brief Look at Moonstones

    Moonstone otherwise known as an opalescent type of orthoclase, can have either a white or blue sheen to it and this is known as Schiller.

    Gemma Hill 17 Aug 2013