Jewellery Articles

  • Why is gold different colours?

    Why is gold different colours?

    Have you ever wondered why gold is available in 3 different colours? This article breaks down the components in each type and what produces the trio of distinctive colours.

    Lucy Parker 23 Aug 2016
  • What is Fairtrade Gold?

    What is Fairtrade Gold?

    At HK Bespoke we often talk about our work with Fairtrade and encourage our customers to choose Fairtrade gold over 'standard' gold. This article goes back to basics and questions 'What is Fairtrade gold?' and why should we choose it?

    Francesca Glos 22 Aug 2016
  • Recycling Jewellery- What are the options? Part 1

    Recycling Jewellery- What are the options? Part 1

    In a series of articles on recycling jewellery, Senior Designer Laurie assesses the options available to create beautiful pieces of jewellery from recycled materials.

    Laurie McGrath 10 Aug 2016
  • Caring for and cleaning your jewellery

    Caring for and cleaning your jewellery

    A bit of regular jewellery maintenance is a task that people forget to do or just put off, but it really is very simple! This article gives a breakdown of the best ways to care for and clean your jewellery.

    Alec Page 2 Aug 2016
  • Yellow Gemstones

    Yellow Gemstones

    When thinking about yellow stones, the first thing that may come to mind is citrine, However, this article introduces a variety of yellow gemstones with differing summery hues.

  • White Metals- Palladium

    White Metals- Palladium

    White metals are becoming increasingly popular, particularly palladium. This article assesses the metal's features and why it makes a great choice for your engagement or wedding ring.

    Francesca Glos 19 Jul 2016