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  • Birthstone and their Meanings

    Birthstone and their Meanings

    Modern birthstones are linked to calendar months, and each month has its own unique birthstone, with its own fabled properties.

    April Page 13 Aug 2011
  • Birthstones and your Eternity Ring

    Birthstones and your Eternity Ring

    Birthstones, zodiac symbols and what would look nice in a ring with each gemstone. A month by month look at the gemstone and their meaning.

    Tim Alban 17 Jul 2011
  • Pave Setting and Graining

    Pave Setting and Graining

      17 Jul 2011
  • Spinel


    Spinel occurs in granite and metamorphic rocks, and is often found in association with corundum. The most popular colour is red, which is coloured by chromium and iron.

      11 Jul 2011
  • Tsavorite - Green Garnet

    Tsavorite - Green Garnet

    Tsavourite is also known as the green garnet due to the very vibrant character to it, the same hardness of garnet which makes tsavourite a perfect alternative to the emerald.

      9 Jul 2011
  • Fluorite


    Fluorite is known as the most colourful mineral in the world. One of the most famous deposits of fluorite in the world is the Blue John Cavern in Derbyshire, England.

      4 Jul 2011