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  • Tanzanites in Engagement Rings

    Tanzanites in Engagement Rings

      16 Nov 2012
  • Bi-Coloured Gemstones

    Bi-Coloured Gemstones

    Bicoloured stones are often found in baguette or emerald cuts, so that the colour fade can be shown and appreciated to full advantage.

    Tom Wilson 6 Oct 2012
  • Aquamarine


    Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family along with lovely stones such as Morganite, Heliodor and of course Emerald! This article explains more

      1 Oct 2012
  • Multi Coloured Stones

    Multi Coloured Stones

    As well as coming in all colours of the rainbow, you can also find colour changing sapphires. They can simply display different shades, or some can even change colour in different lights.

      7 Jul 2012
  • Smoky Moonstone

    Smoky Moonstone

    I am a big fan of moonstones and have been since I was a child. My article explains a little more about this wonderful gemstone

      5 Jul 2012
  • Tiger's Eye

    Tiger's Eye

    Tigers eye goes through many changes in the ground before it becomes this beautiful stone. This article explains about this and more.

      22 Jun 2012