How to mix golds together in your jewellery

How to mix golds together in your jewellery

Written by Amy Vinn on 8 December 2023

Choosing a metal colour for your engagement ring and jewellery is a question of preference and personality. However, if you’d like to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to your piece, mixing gold colours is the answer. We aren’t just talking about stacking and layering, we mean multiple colours of gold within one piece.

It’s not uncommon to hear people say 'I only wear yellow gold' or 'I don’t wear white metal'- but have you considered unveiling more options? It doesn’t have to be an entire piece, in a gold colour you’re not used to, sometimes little touches or pops of mixed colours is enough. And that’s the beauty of gold, it has a range in tones that can transform a look.

Say you’re planning your engagement ring, rose gold is your usual colour, and you also want a pinkish gemstone as your focal point. The simple addition of a white gold setting for the pink sapphire, will alter the appearance of the pinkish tones. 18ct white gold can have a deeper tone so offsets the joining of pinks. In comparison, having the rose gold setting directly aside a pink gemstone may draw out reddish hues.

The same applies to other colours- change the gemstone setting to the one featured in the band and you create a whole new vibe. It’s called colour theory and is absolutely fascinating!

We love a 9ct white gold setting with a central blue gemstone (tanzanite, aquamarine, tourmaline), where the more creamy tone contrasts well with a yellow gold band- even better if there’s stunning diamond accents to offset them, perhaps in a classic halo style. 

In the same breath, more obvious gold mixes can be a beautiful way to represent different stages or symbols in your life. Imagine if your eternity ring had 3 golds to mark each decade of your relationship- a white gold outer band, a yellow gold inner band and a rose gold setting around a diamond centre. To add more depth? Each element could have their own finish-hammered, satinised and polished- and finally significant gemstones interspersed through them. You’d have a fully bespoke, sentimental masterpiece.

Or perhaps you want a simple white gold bangle that can be built upon as your family expands. Dainty circular charms in each colour- white, rose and yellow gold- can be added and engraved with your children’s or grandchildren’s initials.

Maybe you have inherited jewellery, sitting in boxes unworn because they’re not your usual gold colour; we can find a way to include even a small amount into the design.  Perhaps your late father’s yellow gold wedding ring turned into the leaf detail on your floral inspired white gold engagement ring, or Nanna’s rose gold earrings into the all-around setting of your commemorative, art deco dress ring. We can preserve the memories, the love, an original piece held and unite them with something you can wear and cherish forever.

Be it mixing gold to add depth to a look, or a way of keeping up with fashion trends and expanding your layering and stacking collection, the possibilities are endless. And how freeing is it to know you have choices!

Our tips are only a few on how to make mixed metal rings and jewellery work for you, the real magic happens when we combine our expertise with your imagination. Get in touch and start your bespoke journey.