How to Use Tanzanite in Your Engagement Ring

How to Use Tanzanite in Your Engagement Ring

Written by Francesca Glos on 30 September 2023

Tanzanite is a gemstone found only in Kilimanjaro and is known for its unique bluey-purple hues. When in its rare untreated and unheated form, the depth of colour is warmer and even more eye-catching.

Given its background,  it’s no wonder it is featuring more often in engagement rings. It’s increasingly more popular for couples returning from their travels who have bought the gemstone themselves whilst in Tanzania or after having climbed mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a beautiful way for the remarkable gemstone to become more than a memorable keepsake, instead becoming a reflection of the unique love a couple share. Another sentimental reason to include a tanzanite is because it is recognised as December’s birthstone- such a thoughtful feature to include when creating the ultimate bespoke engagement ring.

Whether or not Tanzanite is a gemstone you admire for its beauty, meaning or  journey, or it is your own that has a distinct backstory, there are many ways to include the unique sparkle in your engagement ring. What it boils down to is the type of person who wears it- you know them best and know if they long for a vibrant gemstone to match their style and personality.

If you are wondering how to create an engagement ring design around a Tanzanite, the possibilities are limitless. Here are some design concepts to consider and previous commissions to inspire you, with more previously commissioned tanzanite engagement rings here.

Being such a distinct colour, we often see tanzanite featured as a larger, central statement gemstone as the smaller they are the paler it becomes. It is usually chosen in softer round, pear or oval shapes. This is because it is a physically softer stone, circular forms are a safer bet as they reduce vulnerable spots that could eventually lead to fractures. If you do decide on this cut, the gemstone lends itself beautifully to a more flowy organic design. You might want to consider lots of delicate weaves, twists, vintage-lace or floral inspirations like these:

vintage style tanzanite and diamond engagement ring

wave shaped tanzanite and diamond engagement ring

This doesn’t exclude other shapes though! For example, if you want an emerald or baguette cut tanzanite, this suits an Art Deco or classic design, the straight cuts of the gemstone emphasised further in the clean-line look, like this:

 art deco tanzanite and diamond engagement ring

emerald cut tanzanite and diamond engagement ring

Within many of our popular Tanzanite designs, a diamond is often included, perhaps flanked either side, surrounding it in a halo, or softly leading up to it in the band. Tanzanite is a bold and exceptional choice but sometimes it is nice to uphold a nod to the tradition of a diamond in an engagement ring. Alongside this common design feature, the most popular metal choice for a tanzanite is a crisp, clean, white metal - 18 carat white, platinum, or rhodium plated- as softer colour tones further enhance the spectacular hues. Of course, the warmth of an 18ct yellow gold is also a pairing that can complement the purple-blue lustre.

 halo style tanzanite and diamond engagement ring

pear shaped tanzanite and diamond engagement ring

tanzanite diamond and yellow gold engagement ring

You might then ask, how do I get the distinctive sparkle of a tanzanite?

This comes down to a selection of things. As with any gemstone, cuts, colour and quality vary and so will their cost. Depending on the jeweller you visit, there are different phrases as to how we “grade” the quality.  Our specialists are able to guide you on the terminology we use and ultimately- the bigger and higher quality, the more likely it is to have the “wow” sparkle that appears to almost dance in the light. Achieving the desired look is achievable and depending on your budget, our specialists at HK can source a range of different colourings to suit your design. Whatever you’re thinking, our designers can help you find the right gemstone for you.

Once you have your bespoke engagement ring fully designed and ready to wear, it’s important to take care of that sparkle! As with other gemstones,  general wear can attract dust and dirt which can mute the colour. Looking after it properly will lessen this. We recommend it is removed before manual activities (gym/working out, gardening, washing up) and cleaned with warm water, a soft bristle brush and some gentle brushing. Keep this in mind and your engagement ring is sure to maintain the sparkle like the day you proposed.