How to Wear Pearls

How to Wear Pearls

Written by Abigail Farquhar on 10 November 2023

The Royal family, Audrey Hepburn, Harry Styles. They’re all fashion icons within their own rights, and the thing they have in common? Pearl jewellery. And we are here for it!

Pearls are back (did they ever leave?!) and are in their peak of fashion. We’re bringing together some of our knowledge and design favourites, to help you discover the best way to wear pearls. Whether they’re your nanna’s heirlooms in need of a redesign or restring;  a set that are a new purchase, or if you’re still in search of your own… we can help. Let us introduce you to our freshwater pearls and the depth of style possibilities.

If you’re looking for something traditional, a pearl on a delicate drop earring is timeless- a piece that can transform an outfit to ‘evening glam’. A larger pearl offers a more statement style, while a smaller pearl is dainty and und dainty and understated

pearl jewellerypearl jewellery

Depending on what you’re wearing, your outfit may lend itself better to a necklace or bracelet. The beauty of pearls necklaces is the various lengths available, and they can have a huge impact on an outfit.  Which you choose truly depends on how versatile you want the piece to be, and f it’s saved for special occasions.

My personal “go to” pearl piece, is a full 16” choker or 18” princess length, or even a bracelet. We see these more frequently when restringing people’s pearls or in heirloom redesigns, like Rania’s 18ct white gold,  bangle.

pearl choker

A charming alternative is our very own Georgia’s design. The trio of pearls on an 18” close curb sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold chain. Sitting comfortably around the collar bone, they are a tasteful complement to your special occasion outfit.  

pearl necklace

If you’re after a more day-to-day look, that matches with a casual touch, nothing says modern/chic like a single pearl. This is exactly where Chloe’s inspiration came from to design an elegant cultured pearl on a beaded yellow gold chain. The contrast of the ivory tones against the yellow gold creates a really delicate and versatile look. “I wanted it to be even more special, so included the customisable disc”, which we love, as it means you can include something personal like a sentimental engraving or initials. It makes it truly unique to you.

pearl necklace

If simple but sparky matches your energy, a single pearl drilled through the centre and threaded on a yellow gold chain is an effortless but effective design, where the pearl is the true focal point.  To co-ordinate nicely, Beth designed these yellow gold, triangular hoop earrings with yet again a centrally drilled pearl, which flow seamlessly together.

pearl necklacepearl earrings

A pearl shape can have a big impact on the design and how you wear it. These single organic coin pearls on different metal chains are minimalist but eye-catching and are available as a matching set.

pearl jewellerypearl necklacepearl earrings

For me though, the most versatile of them all will be the unrivalled pearl stud- of which we have in a selection of colours. They can be worn solo or as a popping accompaniment to other earrings.

pearl earringspearl earringspearl earrings