Is Amethyst Suitable for an Engagement Ring

Is Amethyst Suitable for an Engagement Ring

Written by Chloe Drake on 3 February 2024

February is finally here and so bringing the birthstone ‘amethyst’. You may already know that amethyst is the one for you/your partner and want to know about including it an engagement ring, of which there are many positive factors that make it a great choice.

First of all, it’s a 7 on the Mohs scale which means it’s strong, making it a pretty safe option for a ring that’s going to be worn daily.

Interestingly, although more popular and readily available in purple-y lilacs, its finest quality is a strong reddish purple. If heat treated it can even be green or yellow. Another fun fact is that there can be colour patches and stripes (called colour zoning) which is a natural formation. You can see it as a fingerprint to your unique amethyst!

Unlike other gemstones, the colour doesn’t diminish in smaller sizes, so whether it’s the focal point of your ring or a small accompaniment, the depth will be just as strong. Or if you want multiple amethysts in your ring, this makes it more achievable to colour match each of them.

In terms of cost, this precious gemstone is available from all over the world (although commonly Sri Lanka and Brazil) which makes it affordable compared to other purple gemstones such as a purple sapphire.

Due to its strength, colour and the range in shape or cuts, it’s versatile with very few design restrictions.

Maybe you like the look of straighter lines, so a more angular kite shape, octagon or baguette cut will inspire the design.

octagonal amethyst ring

Or maybe you like a softer, circular look where a more detailed band frames the central gemstone- we often see amethyst in twist and weave, floral inspired styles.

amethyst design inspired by sweet peas

A common pairing with amethysts in engagement rings is with a traditional diamond. They complement perfectly, as the diamond can offset the intensity of the amethyst, without detracting from its strong presence.

amethyst ring set with diamonds in the sides

Amethyst works well in all metal colours- yellow, rose or white. A dark amethyst may work well paired with the warmth of a yellow gold, while a white metal may add a crispness to a paler amethyst. This decision really depends on what represents you or your partner most, a detail which our innovative designers can support you with.

This gemstone is quite a charming representation of an individual. Maybe it draws memories of the natural amethyst crystal décor in the 90’s and 00’s. Maybe it’s still in your home now, where it’s believed to bring protection to the owner. Whether it’s that February is a special month to you and your partner, or quite simply a favourite colour... Why not turn your vision into reality?