Is Aquamarine a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring

Is Aquamarine a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring

Written by Kirsty Norbury on 8 March 2024

As we enter March, it’s perfect timing to talk about the month’s birthstone- Aquamarine- and give you top tips on how and why it’s a fabulous choice for an engagement ring.

Aquamarine is a well-known gemstone said to bring courage and loyalty, and has a history that precedes it- believed to link to the Roman God Neptune, with Roman fisherman using it for protection on the seas.  Much like the colour range of its namesake, its hues vary depending on quality- they can go from pale white, to flashes of deeper aqua and almost green-y.

Whilst known more for the fact that it’s like looking through water, rather than for its sparkle, it can have a charming glint depending on the cut and how you look after it. If worn every day, aquamarines dull quickly, as a result natural oils from your hands and general wear laying on the surface. However, with a clean and a polish, they are restored to their ocean-like essence. If a bigger sparkle is what you seek this can be captured more in round cuts, because of the higher number of facets.

cushion cut large aquamarine ring

emerald cut aquamarine ring with diamond side stones

Emerald and straight cuts lend themselves well to Art Deco styles or statement rings, to really show off the shape and nature of the gemstone. With this in mind, if a higher quality and size are chosen for the dramatic look, they’ll be more costly compared to other blues gemstones like blue topaz or sapphire.

platinum and aquamarine diamond trilogy with hand engraving

We often see Aquamarine as the centrepiece of an engagement ring (unsurprising given its depth of meaning and beauty) and paired with a classic diamond. The crisp white sparkle of a diamond is a magnificent partner to the watery Aqua, especially when set in a white metal such as platinum.

However, with a budget and the right stone sourcing experts (us!) you can certainly achieve the desired look where your aquamarine will be a show stopper.