The rise and rise of Fairtrade gold mining

The rise and rise of Fairtrade gold mining

Written by Amy Vinn on 25 October 2016

The Fairtrade gold industry had a fantastic breakthrough this week with the certification of the first Fairtrade artisanal mining co-operative in Africa.

Currently, approved mines are based solely in Peru, Bolivia and Columbia with large areas of trade avoiding sourcing any metals from Africa, thus leaving the locals devastated by lack of business. The Fairtrade Foundation note that this particular area of mining in Africa has previously suffered from an influx of people causing conflict and driving sales into the underground trade, driving down prices, funding war and making it difficult for the mine and its workers to thrive, both socially and economically.

The introduction of policy to the mines, which will be spread further across the East African network, supports them in monitoring and upholding various human rights policies regarding war crimes, bribery and child labour. This means that the underground conflict will suffocate, allowing the community to live in a safer environment.

The amazing scheme that has been introduced has also helped these mines to discover more about how to run a business, and how to ensure that working conditions are safe, eliminating the everyday use of incredibly dangerous chemicals that affect not only the workers but also their children.

This movement can only improve the lives of people and help to build and spread the message of Fairtrade gold and how it can transform communities. It’s wonderful that we all the opportunity todo our bit by using Fairtrade metals wherever we can!

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