What is a Statement Ring Engagement Part One

What is a Statement Ring Engagement Part One

Written by Georgia Hill on 14 April 2024

Making a statement engagement ring can be a misunderstood concept. Stereotypically, people tend to think this means big gemstones- particularly  a diamond. But from our perspective, there are infinite avenues to channel “statement” into your engagement ring.  Over this 3 part series we will explore how to achieve the desired look. It could be in the gemstone, the inspiration behind it, metal and detailing choices or all of those put together. Ultimately we see it as the creation of uniqueness.

The base of the design may be rather traditional, perhaps a single solitaire or trilogy style, but to make it a bit different, you can choose an unusual cut or colour gemstone. Whether it’s the central stone, or a complementary pairing, a touch of vibrancy can make for an eye-catching ring. This could be a kite cut, canary yellow tourmaline; a hexagonal cut salt and pepper diamond;  a pear cut, pinky/peach morganite or an oval cut teal green sapphire. The options are (almost) endless.

 hexagonal salt and pepper diamond ringnorthern lights inspired blue sapphire engagement ringpink morganite pear shaped statement ringkite shaped yellow sapphire with diamonds

Adapting the setting can add an extra layer of striking individuality, perhaps straying from a traditional claw and choosing talon or heart shaped claws; an end only or an all-around setting or grain setting in a shape such as marquise or star.  These choices can become a feature of the ring; a way of accentuating the gemstone’s natural shaping or a design element that allows more light through to maximise sparkle. 

Varying cut and colour of gemstone from a traditional round cut can seem daunting, but it’s a great way to stand out. If this is your chosen route to a statement piece, don’t shy away from bigger or unusual shaping in fear of it being impractical, they can be just as comfortable and practical and your designer will help ensure this to suit your lifestyle.  The world of coloured gemstones meets all budget ranges, so no matter the colour you had in mind, take the risk and discover the best way to achieve that desired bold, alternative look.