What is a Statement Ring Engagement Part Two

What is a Statement Ring Engagement Part Two

Written by Georgia Hill on 29 April 2024

Part one of our statement engagement ring feature explored how to use gemstones as your focal point. Regardless of if you’ve made the decision on gemstone or not, a particular design style can impact a statement piece. As there’s not really a set style template for a ring to be classed as ‘a statement’, it comes to your own ideas and creativity. Choosing a theme or inspiration is a perfect way to channel bold, individuality through the design.

Art Deco is a popular choice and does have a signature look that stands out- sleek, geometric shapes. It can be as grand or subtle as you choose. Sometimes the gemstone choice is what draws the Art Deco across, with angular cut gemstones such as emerald, baguette, fan, radiant, asscher, princess, or trilliant. This could be the focal point, of which the design forms around the shape.  Alternatively it could be an angled, fan or other pattern that is the focal point, and you build in any cut gemstones within the Art Deco shapes. Using lots of smaller gemstones within that shape can also have a real impact!

statement art deco style diamond trilogyart deco shaped fan ring with sapphires and diamonds

Another way to make an eye catcher is perhaps choosing something you love and reflecting that in the overall look. Again exaggerated or not, it’s still a break from the classic solitaire and can come in the physical shaping and formation of the ring. This could be: vintage through beading detailing and scallop set halos; botanical through twists, weaves, vines and leaves. Or influenced by culture, music, science, or art.

blue sapphire and gold twist style ringshield shaped gold and diamond ring

The style may not even exist yet, as it could in fact centre around significant events that are more personal to you. You might want to honour the restaurant you went to on your first date, or capture the night sky from your favourite holiday together, or even the moment you proposed and design the ring together… the options are limitless.

Amalfi inspired yellow sapphire ringtrilogy style twist shaped diamond engagement ring

The true beauty of bespoke comes when you can express yourself- personality, likes, sentimental moments- through the design.  So when the influence comes- no matter how grand or small- the design will start to take shape into your very own marvellous statement piece.