Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Written by Chloe Drake on 20 March 2024

For those Millennials and Gen-Xers out there, the episode where Chandler chooses Monica’s engagement ring- the drama of having the EXACT ring- is possibly etched in your memory. As you consider popping the question, you can probably relate.

The dazzler he chose for her was made up of a 1.5 carat diamond, flanked by 2 blue sapphires. At the time it was iconic… it still is.  

In terms of what is trending, sapphire and diamond engagement ring in yellow gold is taking the lead. Perhaps this is because the generation of upcoming newly-weds are drawn to memories of sapphires in yellow gold that Nanna wore. We frequently reimagine heirloom gemstones like these, into unique, more modern styles.

No matter the rhymes and reasons, we love the different ways sapphires are featuring – especially where we can offer a range of colours.   

Teal sapphire is particularly popular at the moment. We’ve designed it into all sorts of styles: delicate classics, intricate floral or celestial  inspirations, as well as art deco.

A more vibrant, forest-y teal accentuates an organic inspired ring perfect for nature lovers. While a paler green offsets beautifully in a vintage look, such as a cluster or halo, usually in white metal.

You’re not limited when it comes to sapphires as they come in all colours of the rainbow- lilacs, yellows, pinks and greys are also featuring in a range of our designs. Perhaps a round cut mink-grey in yellow gold for someone who loves warmer tones, or an emerald cut, peachy pink, in white gold for someone who likes a crisp, angular vibe.

A popular design choice is their pairing with a diamond. It’s not unusual to cherish the tradition of featuring a diamond in an engagement ring, but people want to give it a twist. The colour pop of a sapphire is perfect for taking centre stage, offset with the signature diamond sparkle.

pale green twist design yellow gold and diamond ringvintage halo design with dark green oval sapphire at the centregrey purple mink coloured round sapphire at the centre of a yellow gold ringyellow sapphire and diamond engagement ring with botanical shapes

So you might ask, why are sapphires a popular choice for engagement rings?

Sapphire is sturdy, a 9 on the hardness scale which is great, as 10 is the maximum. Plus sapphires have a huge range of choices in colour and cut, and can be more affordable than a diamond. If your objective is to have a shop-stopper in the centre, sapphire can offer more for a lower budget. So, not only are you getting the quality and durability like that of a diamond, you’re still getting the varying shapes and sparkle in a colour that best matches your special someone.

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