Why I Should Choose Topaz For My Engagement Ring

Why I Should Choose Topaz For My Engagement Ring

Written by Alec Page on 25 December 2023

Topaz is a sound choice for choosing an engagement ring- especially if you/ your partner values gemstone meanings. Not only is it November’s birthstone, topaz is said to align the meridian of the body, and promotes loyalty and affection.

Topaz is commonly known for its shades of blue: Sky blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue.

These hues are achieved when the gemstone has been irradiated and heat treated. Not only does this process impact the colour, but it removes the inclusions seen in the natural form, creating a more clear and elegant look. It’s particularly popular at the moment, not just because it’s a classic colour to contend with the trending blues and teals of a sapphire but also because it’s reasonably priced for what you get. If you want a statement engagement ring,  topaz looks fabulous as the larger central stone, alongside a white diamond, in a cooler white metal like platinum or rhodium plated white gold- colour pairings which accentuate the blue.

sky blue topaz ringSwiss Blue Topaz RingLondon Blue Topaz ring

Most people don’t realise that in its untreated natural form, topaz has more yellow/orang hues. Unlike in other yellow gemstones, the tones of a topaz are not always as bright but more subtle and sophisticated. Taking this into consideration, we think they look good in yellow gold, where the warmth of the metal and the gemstone synchronise. Yellow topaz – often described as “imperial-“ can vary in cost due to its rarity. To find a natural yellow, that is suitable in quality, is harder to find, but imagine having a rare gemstone to add to your bespoke engagement ring’s story.

Imperial Topaz RingImperial Topaz Ring

As with other gemstones, cost will always depend on size and shape, but with our designers and gem specialists, we’re sure to find an impressive stone for your topaz engagement ring.