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  • Is Jewellery Just Another Accessory

    Is Jewellery Just Another Accessory

    A discussion about the meaning behind a special piece of jewellery

      2 Mar 2015
  • Becoming a Jewellery Designer

    Becoming a Jewellery Designer

    Ami Vinn, a jewellery designer, tells us how her career began.

    Amy Vinn 5 Aug 2014
  • The Art of Sketching

    The Art of Sketching

    Drawing is one of my favourite elements of jewellery design, which is quite fortunate as it is also a pretty vital part of the process, particularly when doing bespoke designs for customers.

      3 Jul 2014
  • Telling a Story

    Telling a Story

    Our jewellery designers discuss one of the similarities between art and bespoke jewellery; concept.

      30 Jun 2014
  • Jewellery Hoards

    Jewellery Hoards

    After seeing a documentary on an amazing ring that was found as part of the Thame hoard, I become interested in finding out further information. This essay is going to discuss the rings that were found in this hoard.

      17 Oct 2013
  • Using CAD

    Using CAD

    A jewellery designer discusses how computer aided design is used in the design of jewellery

      8 Aug 2013