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  • Green with Envy - Emerald Engagement Rings

    Green with Envy - Emerald Engagement Rings

    An article about using emeralds in engagement rings together with a brief history.

      9 Feb 2015
  • Peach Engagement Rings

    Peach Engagement Rings

    An article explaining the ins and out of choosing a peach or champagne coloured gemstones

    Chloe Drake 16 Jan 2015
  • Spinel Engagement Rings

    Spinel and Rubies

    An article discussing the similarities between spinel and ruby and how it use it in your engagement ring

      4 Nov 2014
  • Moonstone Engagement Rings

    Using Moonstones in Engagement Rings

    An article about the properties of moonstones and their origins.

      4 Nov 2014
  • Morganite

    A Guide to Morganite

    An article describing all the properties of Morganite - its history, use and where its found.

      19 Aug 2014
  • Pearls


    Pearls are a beautiful classic gemstone, which are highly regarded and add a touch of elegance to an outfit...

      9 Jul 2014