Loch Voil Inspired Wedding Rings

Loch Voil Inspired Wedding Rings

Written by Francesca Glos on 7 August 2017

Ross and Steph visited our Hertfordshire Jewellery Centre early this year to design their beautiful wedding rings. Ross had surprised Steph with her Calli Lilly inspired engagement ring a few years ago, so it was lovely to hear from them again when they decided to return together to design their wedding rings.  They both wanted their rings to represent them and also the stunning location of their forthcoming marriage. As they live in Scotland, Loch Voil was the perfect setting for their wedding with its breath taking scenery. To complement Steph’s delicate engagement ring, we designed a ring with sweeping hand engraving to mimic the magnificent hills of Loch Voil. The curves within the engraving frame Steph’s diamond engagement ring as they both perfectly sit alongside one another.

Ross also wanted a wedding ring with a difference and first considered a hammered design. He knew he wanted the ring to look ‘lived in’ not pristine and new. After looking through possible designs, Ross was drawn to the wood grain finish which captured the raw natural material.

Ross and Steph were delighted with their rings and sent us a lovely message as well as beautiful photos of their special day.

“We had the most amazing, sunny day and we managed to have the outdoor ceremony that we had hoped. You can see the mountains behind the Loch that we had based half of Steph's wedding band on. The vines running around the other portion of the wedding band blend perfectly with the vines and calla lillies engraved on the engagement ring. Steph really loves the two rings together. I really love my ring too and folk have said that the wood grain effect suits me perfectly. We love telling the stories behind the different engravings and how you helped us with the one-of-a-kind design”.