Online Jewellery Design

Here's how it works

Getting Ready

Browse our galleries of 23,000 design ideas. Add your favourite designs to your own inspiration board of ideas, or you can add photos, ideas, text - anything you like - so get creative!

Book a no obligation consultation with a designer of your choice.

You can save your board for your consultation by creating an account or share it with your designer by email if you prefer not to.

You'll be sent a link to join your design consultation and you can use any device that supports video conferencing such as a laptop, tablet or phone.

Get yourself ready with a cup of tea (or glass or wine!) and enjoy the experience. 

The Consultation

We'll discuss your ideas and look at your inspiration board - you may have a clear idea of what you want or you may not. Either way is fine.

We're good at this - listening to your ideas, adding our own, working within your budget and knowing about the practicalities of design and manufacture, then arriving at a personal design that works just for you. We've been doing it since 1996 and pretty much invented this way of working and the term "bespoke jewellery".

Budget and Materials

As we develop your design, we will explore the different precious metal, diamond or coloured gemstone options, bearing in mind your lifestyle. We will stick to your budget - not try to push it upwards. We believe design is about finding the perfect solution for the individual within what they are comfortable paying.

Design Process

Your designer may sketch thumbnail options as the consultation progresses and we can provide a final sketch of your finished design. We will thoroughly work through the design with you making sure it is exactly what you want. We will send you prices for your final design or a range of options to choose from.

Choosing Diamonds and Gemstones

We can send you a choice of stones to view at home. They'll be in sealed containers and your designer will be online to help you make the right choice.

After the Consultation

If you have any questions or would like to make any changes to the design just let us know. Your designer is always available to chat. Once you're happy with the final design we will ask for a 50% deposit and get started creating your bespoke jewellery.

So get started by browsing our galleries of past designs and have fun building your inspiration board of ideas.