Limited Edition:
Unique Design
Design Style:
Oval (Facetted)
Gold Carat:

This beautiful and unusual andalucite could be described as 'Autumn in a stone' with beautiful green tones with chocolate shadows and flashes of vibrant orange.These warmer tones are picked up by the choice of the 9ct rose gold for the band and the 1.5mm heat treated cognac shoudler diamonds.The diamonds and the andalucite are set in 9ct white gold which has not been rhodium plated so that the creamy white of the gold works perfectly with this colour palette.The band of the ring is rounded in shape and very comfortable to wear.It is just under 2mm wide.The andalucite is 0.81cts and is just over 6.6mm long.The simple raised claw setting for the andalucite and the soft button settings for the diamonds mean that this ring can be worn next to a plain wedding band without it needing to be shaped.The diamonds get their beautiful colour when they are heated at very high temperatures and pressures to achieve this permanent colour change. This also means that the ring must not be heated up to very high temperatures (eg by a jeweller during resizing of the ring) so special care needs to be taken when resizing this ring in the future and the stone must be carefully removed and re-set during any future resizing work.

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This ring was a previous ready to wear unique one-off design. We’d be delighted to create something similar and completely personal to you.

Harriet Kelsall

Design by Harriet Kelsall